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Bassine Insurance Agency specializes in bringing you the kind of insurance that promotes peace of mind. We are a Tampa Bay insurance agency with experience. Our professional agents are dedicated to helping you find outstanding insurance at affordable prices. 

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need auto insurance, boat insurance, or something to cover your mobile home, we can help. 

Please read on to find out more about the policies that suit your specific needs. 

Mobile Home Insurance in Tampa Bay

These policies supply protection for your mobile home from the weather. Remember, we have been providing mobile home insurance in Tampa Bay policies for three decades. Each one of these provides important elements like protection from fire. Homeowners can also bump up the amount of dwelling and personal property coverage they have with us.

Manufactured Home Insurance in Tampa Bay

Bassine Insurance Agency is a member of the state insurance group. We are always available to answer any questions you have about the coverages that we provide. That includes the manufactured home insurance in Tampa Bay policies we offer. 

We provide policies for these unique dwellings because we understand how they are different from houses with permanent foundations. The other policies that you can get in this category include protection for guests and visitors while they are visiting your property. 

Boat Insurance Agency in Tampa Bay

We are the boat insurance agency in Tampa Bay that also has Tampa Bay golf cart insurance policies. Bassine Insurance Agency has one priority. That’s to make sure that you get unique coverage providing peace of mind. We work with the insurance leaders in the insurance space so you get comprehensive coverage and the very best rates. 

Auto Insurance Agency in Tampa Bay

Bassine Insurance Agency offers free quotes on our website. They satisfy your unique automobile needs. We are the auto insurance agency in Tampa Bay that covers you in a variety of different situations. 

Our dedicated team of professional agents supplies outstanding collision and comprehensive policies. Some of the other options include coverage for medical expenses and rentals. Get insurance quotes here that fit your requirements and budget. 

Our clients benefit from the relationships we fostered with reputable auto insurance carriers. Call or email us. You can drop by our office for a free quote too.

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Love the team they have there!! Bob is great and his newest Dontigney addition is just so sweet and helpful. They got me a quote super quick and happily answered all of my questions.
Tyler Mincey
Florida Resident

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