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A Sarasota Insurance Agency Providing Great Policies


Bassine Insurance Agency provides premier affordable insurance coverage. We work with a variety of different providers and offer outstanding customer service. We listen to each and every one of our clients to tailor-make our approach to their individual insurance needs. Our number one priority as your Sarasota insurance agency is giving you the best protection for your money. Please read on to find out more about the policies and products we provide. 

Auto Insurance Agency in Sarasota

Protecting your vehicle against the heavy storms in Florida is our priority. Bassine Insurance Agency provides excellent coverage for all of your vehicles including motorcycles and cars as well as motor homes and recreational vehicles.

We partner with the most credible and reputable carriers in the industry to bring you the best insurance products. Making sure our clients are protected is the main focus of everything our auto insurance agency in Sarasota does.

Boat Insurance Agency in Sarasota

Cars are not the only vehicles that we supply policies for. We understand that no two boaters have the same requirements when it comes to insurance. Bassine Insurance Agency offers boat insurance combining comprehensive policies with the best prices.

Get a free quote on coverage on the motor and hall of your watercraft and accessories and trailers. We are the boat insurance agency in Sarasota that offers comprehensive watercraft liability policies and medical coverage. 

Manufactured Home Insurance in Sarasota

Bassine Insurance Agency offers coverage on your vehicles and where you live. Our manufactured home insurance in Sarasota is industry-leading. These policies are affordable and thorough as well as comprehensive. 

We offer great insurance with the option to increase your coverage. You can get protection from fire damage and weather damage with us. We also offer coverage for guests and visitors as well as people who show up unannounced and uninvited on your property. It’s good to consider these in case someone has an accident while visiting. 

Mobile Home Insurance in Sarasota

Take a few minutes to look through our mobile home insurance in Sarasota policies. We are proud of the coverage they supply from weather damage. All of the insurance that we provide to our clients meet their unique benefits and challenges. 

Finally don’t forget that you can get a free quote from us on golf cart insurance in Sarasota. Our priority is getting you the insurance you need.

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Agent was well informed about the products he sold resulting in a nice lower payment than I do now. PS Don't get insurance from progressive insurance as they raised my rates under dubious means.
Don Ora
Florida Resident

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