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Manufactured Home Insurance Florida

Excellent Florida Manufactured Home Insurance Quote

Bassine Insurance Agency has been supplying the finest in Florida manufactured home insurance for over three decades.

If you take a look at our website, you’ll see client testimonials from people who have used this manufactured home insurance service in Florida and found it exceeded expectations.

Our number one priority is to make sure our clients feel protected. Doing the right thing is the simple philosophy that drives us forward. The policies that we offer for manufactured homes are comprehensive, thorough and affordable.

Unique Homes

Please read on to find out how they provide insurance for your belongings and the investment you’ve made in these unique homes. We understand the pride of ownership that you feel living in Florida’s renowned mobile home and seasonal RV locations.

We also understand ensuring these dwellings is different than offering policies for those that have permanent foundations. Our experts can help you get the coverage that meets these differing challenges and benefits.

Comprehensive Manufactured Home Insurance in Florida Policies

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Take a look at the policies we offer that are listed below.

You’ll see how they take the uniqueness of these mobile homes into account while providing comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind. The most popular policies include coverage for:

Visitors and guests on your property. The options you get with us even covers you for people who show up uninvited. These policies are particularly important in case someone hurts themselves either outside or inside.

Finding both claim and payment information is easy. We’ve listed the companies we do business with on our website so you can locate and do business with them.

We have also made the claims process user friendly and simple. When you decide to take out manufactured home insurance in Florida, you’ll get the benefit of over 30 years of industry experience. Contact us to get a personalized manufactured home insurance quote in Florida today.

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