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A Brief Guide for Mobile Home Insurance: What to Know


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Are you planning on having a mobile home? If so, it’s essential to ensure your investment is adequately protected. Mobile homes are exposed to various risks, including fire, flood, theft, and vandalism. That’s why mobile home insurance is crucial to cover your belongings and investments adequately. 

This blog post will provide a brief guide for mobile home insurance, so you know what to look for and how to protect your home.

What Is a Mobile Home?

More than 17.5 million Americans reside in manufactured or mobile residences. According to the most recent American Housing Survey, about 3% of all housing in urban areas and 15% in rural areas are manufactured homes.

In general, manufactured homes are distinguished by two characteristics:

  • They are produced in facilities as opposed to on-site.
  • A mobile chassis sustains them instead of a slab, crawlspace, or underground. What

What Cover Mobile Home Insurance?

When providing financial security if your property is damaged, mobile or mobile home insurance is similar to standard homeowner’s insurance. Comparing multiple quotes is frequently the most efficient way to find cheap mobile home insurance because rates differ, even among the best mobile home insurance providers.

The specific coverage offered by a mobile home insurance policy depends on the policy you buy, but policies generally protect your home, possessions, and liability. 

It may include:

Residential Safety

This coverage will pay to reconstruct or repair the structure of your home if a covered peril damages it. For instance, if a wall in your mobile home collapses due to a fire, the damage would be covered by domicile coverage. Other structures covered by domicile coverage include your mobile home’s roof and attached deck.

Personal Possessions

Your possessions are covered by mobile home insurance if they are damaged or stolen. For instance, you would be protected if a burglar came into your mobile home and stole your notebook. Keep in mind that there is a fee associated with submitting a claim.

Medical Expenses

This coverage pays for minor medical bills for individuals injured on your property by accident, regardless of fault. It is typically limited to $5,000, so it can be used for minor injuries with minor medical bills. Guests are less apt to sue you for minor mishaps this way.

Liability Coverage

This insurance protects you if someone is injured on your property. For example, you could be liable if a falling tree branch on your land hits a neighbor. If you have this coverage, your insurance provider will pay for legal fees and damages if you are deemed accountable. Your insurance company would only provide financial security up to the limit of your coverage.

Are You Obligated To Have MobileX Home Insurance?

Despite not being required by law, mortgage lenders and mobile home parks might insist that residents buy insurance. You can insure or not insure your manufactured home unless your mortgage lender or mobile home community requires coverage. 

Homes Direct, a retailer of prefabricated and modular homes, estimates that the average cost of a new manufactured home is approximately $83,000. Given the expense, it is recommended that you purchase adequate coverage to protect your residence and belongings.


Mobile home insurance is vital to protecting your manufactured home and belongings. While you are not legally obligated to purchase mobile home insurance, mortgage lenders and home communities may require it. A comprehensive coverage plan can offer financial security and peace of mind, so contact an experienced agent for guidance in finding the best insurance policy for your needs.

If you need mobile home insurance in Tampa Bay, Florida Manufactured Home Insurance Agency is here to help! We have the resources and expertise to provide you with high-quality protection at a competitive rate. Get a free quote now! 


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