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Why You Need Golf Cart Insurance in Florida Right Now

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That’s a strange statement, isn’t it? Why should you get golf cart insurance when these vehicles are used mainly on country club courses? As it turns out, citizens in this humid state like to get around on a highway, country road, neighborhood, or even a few blocks with one! Whatever the case, if you use your golf cart on public roads, your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage to your golf cart while it is on your property. However, you will need specific golf cart insurance in Florida to cover it when it is off your property.

The following are practical reasons to get this policy for yourself:

Bodily Injury

When you purchase golf cart insurance, you’re essentially buying peace of mind. If you or someone else is injured while riding in your golf cart, your insurance will help cover the costs of medical treatment. It can also provide coverage if your golf cart is damaged or stolen.

Bodily injury coverage is auto insurance that pays for medical and other expenses for you and passengers if you’re involved in a vehicular incident. If you get into an accident and injure someone, your insurance will help cover their medical expenses.


The cost of repairing a golf cart can be expensive. However, if you have golf cart insurance that includes collision coverage, you will not have to pay for the repairs. This insurance covers damages to your golf cart from a collision with another vehicle, person, or object. If the golf cart is totaled in a collision, your insurance will pay to replace it so long as you can prove you were not the party at fault. 

Property Damage

This insurance coverage helps protect you financially if you damage someone else’s property. For example, if you accidentally hit a parked car, your property damage coverage would help pay for the other car’s repairs.

Roadside Assistance

If you have a roadside assistance rider on your golf cart insurance policy, you can call for help if your golf cart stops working. A mechanic may be able to fix the problem, or they can give you a ride to another safe location if they can’t fix it. 

Roadside assistance coverage is a service that helps you if your golf cart breaks down. If you have this coverage, you can call for help, and someone will come to fix your cart.

Transport Trailer

Transport trailer insurance is a policy that helps protect your trailer and its contents while it is being transported. This rider can help you with the cost of repairs or replacement if your trailer is damaged or stolen while in transit. It can also help cover the cost of contents that may be lost or damaged while your trailer is being transported.

If you own a golf cart, it’s important to have insurance that covers damage to the cart and trailer. Most golf cart insurance policies don’t automatically cover trailers, but you can add this coverage. The cost of adding trailer coverage to your policy will depend on the type of trailer, its age, and how often you use it. However, trailer coverage is usually quite affordable and is a good investment.


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