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Getting A Boat Insurance in Florida: What Does It Cover?


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Boat insurance is an important consideration for any boat owner, but it is especially important for those who live in Florida. The state’s warm climate and many waterways make it a popular destination for boaters, but it also exposes them to a greater risk of accidents and damage.

With a good insurance policy, you can truly sit back, unwind, and ride the waves while keeping peace of mind and protecting your financial assets. Continue reading to learn about boat insurance, its cover, and how to pick a reliable policy.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Understanding the security that boat insurance offers clarifies why you need it. Boat insurance frequently provides a range of coverage options, much like vehicle insurance does.

Boat Insurance Policy

How do you choose the best boat insurance company when you have so many possibilities? A certain amount of personal preference is involved while choosing the finest boat insurance. The best course of action might not be the same for you or your neighbor. 

Dealing with a boat insurance agency that can evaluate your needs and recommend the best line of action is therefore advised.

There are a few crucial principles to consider when choosing boat insurance coverage.

Confirm That The Policy Covers Gasoline Leaks

The Oil Pollution Act and the Clean Water Act forbid the discharge of fuel or oil into American waters. In other words, if oil or gasoline leaks from your boat, you’ll be responsible for paying any cleanup costs. Fuel can spill, so confirm that your boat insurance will cover cleanup costs. Liability insurance frequently protects against fuel spills.

Pay Attention to the Deductible

Like most other insurance types, boat insurance has a deductible. You must pay before your insurance starts to cover the losses. Depending on the insurance plan, the deductible might be as low as $250 or as high as $2,000 annually.

With a higher deductible, insurance policies are frequently less expensive. But if you were to make a claim, you’d need to have enough cash on hand to pay your insurance deductible. If you can, avoid purchasing Florida boat insurance with a high deductible.

Keep In Mind the Coverage Limits

In boat insurance contracts, the limits for property damage, personal responsibility, and medical coverage are usually divided. Your responsibility is to pay any costs that exceed your insurance’s coverage limits.

Keep a close eye on your medical coverage restrictions. If two or three people are harmed in an accident, the $25,000 or even $50,000 medical coverage maximum may be quickly exceeded. In many cases, paying more for insurance with higher medical coverage limits is worthwhile, especially if you frequently take guests out on your boat.

Decide On A Local Insurer

Wherever possible, choosing a boat insurance carrier with local agents is the best choice. This raises the chance that the insurer will be familiar with Florida’s specific boating and boat insurance laws. They’ll give you better coverage because their suggestions will be informed by additional information.

You can also meet with a nearby insurance agent to discuss your needs when you need to file a claim or change your policy. This typically results in clearer communication than merely trying to negotiate over the phone or online.

Even if your loan is fully paid off, you still need boat insurance in Florida. When you’re not worried about the costs of an unforeseen accident, sailing in the cool, blue water is more enjoyable. 


Boat insurance is an important consideration for any boat owner in Florida. There are different factors to consider when choosing an insurance policy, including the type of boat, the value of the boat, and the level of coverage desired. Boat insurance can provide peace of mind in the event of an accident or theft and can help to protect the boat owner’s financial investment in their boat.

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